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Curtain Design in Brentwood

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Have you ever walked into a room that took your breath away? A room that was exquisite in every way right down to the magnificent custom window treatments? Would you like to know how it's done?

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The video explains the process Galaxy design takes when doing a curtain design in a bed room.

Today here we are at the Karysefin's house here in Brentwood. We're going to go upstairs. What we are doing is an opening for a master bedroom. We are also trying to dress up their bed by doing some swags and cascades. So let me take you upstairs and show you what's going on.

OK, so this morning our plan is to go ahead and to dress up this window here behind me. This is a very beautiful bedroom, there's a lot of work that's gone into it, a lot of details it's very ornate.

We are planning to use our dazzling drapery hardware collection. Our plan is to use our goal is to use our crystal drapery scrolls, our crystal drapery hold backs and our crystal drapery crowns combined. The picture we are trying to achieve is similar to this.

We are also going to be using swags for the bed. And one of the things with the swags is that we are going to use Velcro to avoid having to staple them onto the bed.

These are the cascades that we are going to be using on the corner of the bed. The crystal drapery scrolls are right here. These are the crystal drapery holdbacks. And these are the textures we are planning on using for this particular room. We've combined two fabrics in this house and this is what our plan is.

We just have to make sure that these drapes are handled properly and that they are stored properly so that the client can reuse them at a later date.

It's really crucial to make sure that the drapes are handled properly and that they are folded correctly so they can be used again. We are going to seam fold them which is simply having every on folded where the seams are. By doing this you don't have to try and rewrap them while you are on the ladder it will allow you to hang them up straight in the air. And you can do this with one person rather than having two people seam folding.

This particular design that we are doing is called scarfing. And with the scarfing because we are using the crystal drapery scrolls, we always recommend that you cut one of the sides at an angle versus the other side which will be a straight cut. The reason for this is that we are using the scrolls. The scrolls are tilting at an angle and we have a right angle and a left angle and this is really important when we are using the drapery scrolls.

Now we are going to slip the pocket into the scroll to see what it looks like. This part of the job is probably the easiest and most crucial parts of the job. It's all about how you go about swaging this fabric across. All you have to do is simply by keeping it flat, and working from the edge of the fabric working in at an angle, it will give you a very nice deep swag. As you can observe.

This room since this is an opening between the two we chose to go ahead and use both sides of the fabric. And by using both sides of the fabric we are going to have one color on one side and the second color on the other side. What I chose to do on this one is add a valance on the drapes so that we could have an attached valance when they gather up.

We simply organize the fabric all evenly. This is all we need to do to avoid having to see the bracket and this will get mounted into the ceiling. What I'm going to do now is to organize the fabric all evenly across the rod so that when we come to pleating it, it's all ready to go.

Now I'm going to slip the bracket onto the rod. And snap it on. OK we're ready to put it up, let's see what it looks like.

So, what I'm doing now is since we put up all of the swags, I'm going to make sure they stay in place. I'm going to do this by putting a zip on this and simply pulling the zip. The zips will keep the custom drapes and the scarf from moving anywhere else.
We are getting toward the end of the job now. I'm starting to dress the drapes. They look really nice. We put the pleats in and we are making sure they are all dressed up nicely. While I'm doing this Martin in the meantime is working on the swags. Yes, Martin is starting to dress up the bed...

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