Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Luxurious custom window treatments video testimonial in the Hollywood Hills

In this short video we showcase the luxurious window dressings we created for another happy client in her beautiful Hollywood Hills home.

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Covered in this video:

- Curtains and Drapes Ideas
- Swags examples
- Crystal Holdbacks
- Window treatments
- Luxurious custom window coverings
- Galaxy-Design
- Decorative drapery hardware
- Draperies
- Drapery Sheers
- Window treatment styles
- Curtain Rods
- Unique window treatments
- Creative window treatments
- Crystal Drapery Hardware
- Corner Windows

Galaxy-Design I know from a long time ago like about 10-12 years ago I was Steve’s customer and I was enjoying his work.  This is the time that I needed to change for new curtains so right now the only place that I was thinking of was Expression Décor. 

So I didn’t even go anywhere else, I just went straight to him.  I imagined something about how I wanted my room to become and it became more than I was imagining actually.

He was very helpful, he came to my home with a lot of designs and a lot of colors and materials with him.

And right now you can see that my home became very beautiful.  Very nice and cheerful and elegant.

All my family and friends are very happy to see the work that I did and they are going to go to him also when the time comes. 

I can recommend to anyone Galaxy-Design because they are the only one that I can recommend to anybody. 

As time goes by and maybe in the future if I need to change the whole thing again I’m going to go back there again for sure, 100%.


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do it yourself drapes - more custom curtains and drapes ideas with French scrolls, swags and holdbacks

Our newest DIY drapes how to video is out!  Take a peek for some great ideas on dressing your windows on a budget!

Covered in this video:

- Do it yourself drapes
- How to install custom curtains
- DIY drapes tutorial
- Window treatments
- Luxurious custom window coverings
- Galaxy-Design
- Decorative drapery hardware
- Draperies
- Hold backs
- Window treatment styles
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- French scrolls
- Swags
- Custom Curtains and Drapes

{Mallie} Welcome to another episode of do-it-yourself presented by Galaxy-Design.   I’m Mallie Messri, a realtor that specializes in residential home sales in the West Los Angeles area and today I’m here with Steve our top designer.

{Steve} Thank you Mallie.  We are going to go ahead and demonstrate today how to put up one of our two-piece DIY French Scroll combos. 

{Mallie}  These DIY window treatments are very stylish, innovative and tasteful.  And they are designed to dress your windows, not to cover them.  They are very easy to install and today we are going to show you just how to do that.

{Steve}  These do-it-yourself combo packages include one of our luxurious velvet draperies that are layered with a fine lining on the back.  You will also receive one of our French Scrolls that has our innovative design patent on the back of the drapery hardware. 

You will also get one of our elegant hold backs that we call our large medallion drapery hold back.  You will get the mounting bracket for the scrolls as well as the holdbacks along with the extension screw which allows you to have more than one layer of window treatments installed beneath these.  You will get color coordinated screws,  a genuine Swarovski label, as well as wonderful beautiful sketches showing all of the different design ideas you can create with this package in the future.

The DIY drapery hardware we are showing you today is embellished with Swarovski crystal elements however you may also chose to select them in broad array of custom crafted colors that you can view on our website.

These luxurious drapery panels are available in 96 inch and 120 inch finish lengths.  If you have a window that is 84 inches high, a 96 inch drapery panel would be suitable for that type of window.  If you choose to go ahead and order your own finish length, you can go ahead and visit our website to view our frequently asked questions section with will explain all the details on how to go about ordering those panels.

{Mallie}  In order to install the drapes, you will need three simple items:
1.       A drill, preferable with a hex gun drill head tip
2.       A Philips screwdriver
3.       A tape measure

{Steve} I have asked our co-designer Mallie to go ahead and show you how easy it is to put these up.  So we are going to start with our very first bracket which is called the bottom bracket of the scroll which is mounted from 4 to 6 inches away from the top corner of the window. 

Now that we have mounted the bottom bracket of the scroll, we are now going to go ahead and mount the top bracket of the scroll which is located 10 inches above the window in an angled position. 

The brackets are usually mounted 48 inches above the floor. 

{Mallie}  Our patented wire design allows easy installation of our exquisite DIY drapery panels.  To begin, simply remove the nuts on the back of the scroll and pull out the wire.  Our exquisite ready to install drapes come with a pocket already sewn in.  So all you have to do is simply slide the wire through and gather the drapery fabric to the top of the wire. 

So now that I’ve got the drape on to my patented drapery hardware wire, I’m going to place it on the back of the scroll  and take the nuts that I removed from before and screw them back on and tighten them into place.

The next step is to take your bracket and your Philips screwdriver and loosen the screw so that the extension screw comes out.  Then place it onto the back of the drapery scroll and tighten it then do the same with the other one.

OK, so now I have put everything onto the back of the scroll and mounted all of the screws.  This is what it looks like when it is done and the drapery fabric is attached and it looks great.  You might want to go ahead and adjust it a little bit so it looks nice and even and this is ready to be put up.

So now I’m ready to go ahead and mount the drapery hardware scroll onto the brackets.  I left the brackets a little loose and I will go ahead and tighten them later.  You now just go ahead and take them and slip them into the brackets and push it back.  And it’s is simple as that.

So now my drapes are up and I’m going to go ahead and create a drop.  I will show you how to do that.   You simply grab each pleat with your hand and move your hand upward.  Then you take the fabric and place it behind the drapery holdback.  Now you are going to want to organize it a little bit so it looks in order.  And that will create an amazing drop for the curtains.

{Steve}  So Mallie, thank you again for being in one of our videos.  It’s always great to have you here.  It’s always a contribution to us and our viewers.  And to all of our viewers, we hope you have enjoyed this video and we were able to make a contribution to you today out there in the world. 

{Mallie}  For more of our do-it-yourself videos, ideas and to purchase your own DIY package visit

{Steve}  And just remember, we don’t cover windows…

{Mallie}  We dress windows.

{Steve}  Please go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Window Dressing Ideas - Window Shades and Honeycomb Blinds in Ladera Ranch, CA

Window Dressing Ideas - Window Shades and Honeycomb Blinds in Ladera Ranch, CA. Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and 25% off with promo code CL01:

Ideas featured in this video:

- Window dressing ideas
- honeycomb shades
- honeycomb window shades
- honeycomb cellular shades
- window coverings
- honeycomb blinds
- cellular shades
- cellular blinds
- room darkening shades
- room darkening blinds
- window shades

{Mallie} So welcome back to another episode of Galaxy-Design’s innovative design series. We are here today in Ladera Ranch.

{Steve} Yes, Daphne came into our showroom last week and she brought some pictures with her. She said she had some window treatments up and she wants to keep most of them, however she wants to take some of the window coverings out and bring it up to date.

Our goal is to go in and find out what we can do to take this place and bring it up to date and also enhance the quality of her life today.

Good to see you again. This is Mallie. Mallie is a co-designer and realtor and she will be assisting us today.

{Mallie} Your house is beautiful. I love the high ceilings. I see that what you’ve done is already beautiful as it is but tell me in your own words what you envision it to look like after we are done.
Do you want it to be elegant, soft, modern, give me a feel for what you want.

{Mrs. Turner} Well I’m going for a softer look. More of a straight line. The room is formal but not so I am kind of wanting to take the formality out of the room and make it dressy but casual. And more intimate.

{Mallie} Sounds good. And how do you feel? Are you aligned with that? Are you on the same page?
{Mr. Turner} I’m slowly getting there.

{Mrs. Turner} I like the cloud.

{Mallie} Yeah, I think it is really soft. And it’s not outstandingly white where it’s so bright.

{Steve} I like this one, I think it’s kind of clean. Sounds like we might have found something.

{Mrs. Turner} I like what you’ve found.

{Steve} OK, so we are going to take off the top of the window treatment and go ahead and take all of this stuff down. All this stuff is going to come down. We are going to take all of the drapes down, the shears, really bring the place up to date and spruce it up.

And I think that is a good move. We can start with this and we will leave that top part because that will bring the light into the room.

{Mrs. Turner} Yes, I think that’s going to be great.

{Mallie} So we are back at Daphne’s house and we put up the blinds about a week ago and she liked it a lot. She likes more of an airy feeling to the home more of an open feeling. Andrew on the other hand…

{Steve} He’s much more traditional. He likes things more orderly and a little bit more covered up so the plan is to go ahead and see what we can do to meet up between them and see if we can get them to agree on one design.

{Mrs. Turner} I like the open clean look.

{Mallie} I think if you put some light shears it will do both. It will still be light and airy in here, you will still have light and you will cover it up.

{Mr. Turner} Can you get something like a brushed aluminum or a rose that captures that and plays into this design?

{Steve} Daphne likes this. So this looks good against the blue as well and against that silver it would look really nice and it will stand out.

{Mallie} So Daphne, we started off in your living room and now we ended up in your family room. You decided to choose this room because it was a little easier to work on.

We started off with the valance boxes, the big blue boxes and the heavy, heavy curtains here and in your kitchen. Which is more of Andrew’s style. It is more extravagant more traditional style and you are definitely more of a calm subtle really collected style. You like straight lines on everything.

So you guys actually had differences but you did come to a conclusion. You went with the simple silver drapery hardware and some simple curtain swags that really brought out the design of the room.
How did you come to that conclusion?

{Mrs. Turner} What we learned was that we didn’t have as much in common as far as our décor tastes as we thought we did. So we decided that we would meet in the middle of the road. He would get some fabric and I would get my blinds and we would be fine.

{Steve} How was the experience for you from the beginning to the end?

{Mrs. Turner} It was good. It started out a little challenging like I said when I realized our tastes were different I became a little nervous because I had everything taken off of the windows and I was a little shell shocked. Actually Andrew was a little more shell shocked than I was.

But the way you guys came in and coached us and held us by our hand and you assured us that you would not leave us until we were satisfied. From the beginning to the end it was quite an experience. I would not recommend anyone doing this on their own.

{Steve} You know, the room actually looks phenomenal.

{Mrs. Turner} Yes it does and it really did soften it up and add some character to it. The way I had it was a little bare. So it added some character to it now.

{Steve} So what would you recommend?

{Mrs. Turner} Making sure you have a reputable consultant that has passion about what they do so they can guide you through the process. Otherwise we could have been fighting if it hadn’t been for you guys. So you guys kind of kept the peace.

{Mallie} I really appreciate you allowing us to come to that final decision that you and Andrew agreed on and you really allowed us to fulfil on our mission which is to enhance the quality of life.

{Mrs. Turner} You guys have done that. I can honestly say that. You guys were great to work with.

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