Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Curtain Holdbacks DIY - How to Create a Bishop when there's no Room for a Holdback

Learn how to create a luxurious curtain bishop when there's no room for curtain holdbacks in this short video...

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Steve: So I'm going to go ahead and demonstrate for you how a bishop is done without putting a hold back in the middle. This usually happens when you have a window and there is no way to go ahead and put a hold back in the middle of it. So what you do, you just take simply the fabric off and you use a little cord on the back. This is a trick that you use on the back of this thing.

You just take a little bit of cord and wrap it around the fabric; put a knot in it and then all I have done is use a placeholder on the back of this. Then all I am going to do is take the fabric, pull it down here, and then pull it up, and that will give you a bishop without a hold back.

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