Monday, November 24, 2014

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Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Swag Curtains

Dress up your windows with stunning curtain swags

Curtain swags are an easy way to add a touch of beauty and elegance to any window. 

When dressing your windows with curtain swags, there are many style combinations available to choose from but the key to creating a professional result every time is knowing how to hang a curtain swag properly.

Swag curtains DIY 

Swag curtains are created by using a fabric that flows well as it is draped loosely over a drapery rod or other drapery hardware such as crowns, scrolls or holdbacks.
The material can be sheer or you can create different looks by incorporating different fabrics, colors or lengths. An extra valance or set of blinds can be added to the window beneath the swag curtain for extra privacy.
Steve will now demonstrate how to achieve the look of a perfect, flowing swag curtain in this short video.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

How to Avoid the Top 10 DIY Window Treatments Mistakes – Galaxy-Design’s 2nd Annual Holiday Giveaway Creates Perfect Windows Every Time

In the United States, over $1 billion will be spent this year on window treatments, mostly for do-it-yourself projects. To help home owners avoid the top 10 DIY window treatments mistakes they have seen over the last 30 years, Galaxy-Design is giving away free window treatments, home accessories and advice this holiday season to make sure these DIY projects get done the right way.


According to IBISWorld’s Window Treatment Stores market research report, consumers in the United States alone will spend over $1 billion on products and services to dress their windows this year. This figure includes money spent in curtain stores, on blinds, shades, curtains, drapes, drapery hardware related products and window covering services.
Window treatments are a rapidly growing segment of the home decor industry and the fastest growing segment of this niche market is do-it-yourself.
According to the American Society of Interior Designers Interior Design 2014 Outlook and State of the Industry, “The recession, Internet resources and increased consumer engagement have led to a proliferation of DIY across industries — including interior design.”
When homeowners take on DIY window treatments projects there are dozens of steps in the process and many tiny details to get right. With this much money at stake in DIY window treatments, homeowners need to be aware of the common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid before they take on a DIY window treatment project of their own.
According to Steve Messri, President of Galaxy-Design a Los Angeles based window treatment design and Installation Company, there are 10 common problems that he has seen crop up over and over again during the last 30 years he has spent in this industry.
Here are the top 10 biggest mistakes Steve has seen over the last 30 years:
Common DIY window treatments mistake #1
Ignoring the windows and leaving them bare. Besides a fresh coat of paint, window treatments can be one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room. Whether it’s adding shades, drapes, curtains or a complete window treatment, any small change in dressing windows can make a big impact.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #2
Forgetting window treatment function. Many homeowners begin their DIY window treatments project by looking for fabrics or design ideas they love and forget the most important aspect of window treatment design, what function are the window coverings meant to serve? Is sunlight an issue? Is privacy an issue? Is there a view that needs to be preserved? These are all important questions to answer before styles are considered.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #3
Not matching window treatment designs to the window. Is this project for a bay window, a picture window, a corner window or an arched window? The type of windows being worked on will determine which designs will work for the project and dramatically reduce the number of available window dressing choices for easier selection.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #4
Not matching window treatment styles to ceiling height and not hanging panels high or wide enough. Panels hung high on the walls when there is a high ceiling can make the entire room look more dramatic and enhance the height of the room. Panels hung too close together can cover too much of the window and in the extreme, even show the borders of the window on each side of the window treatment. Using tiny drapery crowns and other drapery hardware on very large windows can also look odd and unprofessional.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #5
Not measuring the windows correctly. Without accurate measurements homeowners are simply wasting money. It is important to not only measure accurately but to make sure that the appropriate places are being measured depending on the window styles and the window treatments that are being considered. Accurate measurements are particularly challenging for bay windows.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #6
Improper anchoring of the drapery hardware to the wall. When using elaborate or heavy fixtures such as decorative wrought iron drapery hardware it is especially important to anchor the fixtures properly. This step becomes even more critical when working with hollow walls.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #7
Improper swaging of the drapes. It’s not rocket science but a proper swag with a full belly is critical to producing a professional looking window treatment.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #8
Improper layering of window treatments. Combining sheers, panels, and a valance along with scrolls, holdbacks and crowns can create absolutely stunning DIY window treatments but they have to be planned out well in advance and layered properly to create the dramatic effect homeowners are looking for.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #9
Selecting the wrong fabric. This is a big one because not all fabrics work with all designs. Yes the fabric is important and should match the wall colors, floor coverings, furniture, home architecture and overall design of the home however, the window treatment design must be selected before the fabric for professional looking results and to save the trouble and cost of redo’s.
Common DIY window treatments mistake #10
Not having the proper tools to complete the job. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, there may be a number of specialized tools needed to complete the job. Scissor lifts for high ceilings, zip ties for hanging swags, and anchors for hollow walls are just few of the tricks of the trade that can and give any DIY window treatments project a professional and smooth finish.
Any one of these DIY window treatments mistakes can cost homeowners hours of frustration and hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
Mr. Messri goes on to say, “Over the years we’ve developed a system to work with DIY homeowners so they can create showroom quality, beautiful and luxurious window treatments in their homes while avoiding the common pitfalls of DIY window treatments projects. We’ve perfected every detail and to introduce this system to the public, we are running a special promotion to give away three of our most popular window treatments and home accessory lines.
Galaxy-Design will have a drawing on December 24th for a 5 piece French Shell crystal drapery hardware combination which includes a Crown, two scrolls and two holdbacks. This combo will accommodate a valance, swags and panels to create an exquisite luxury window treatment complete with Swarovski crystal elements.
The second item that will be given away is a Venetian 3-piece combo which includes a Crown and two venetian arms which beautifully accommodate valances.
The third item that will be given away is the home accessory line which includes a runner, a topper, and two pillows.”
In order to be eligible for the giveaway entrants must do 3 things:
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All entrants will receive custom, hand drawn sketches of window treatment ideas that work perfectly with their windows. Entrants will also receive full customer service and support in helping them to install their window treatments with live phone support and over 60 DIY window treatments instruction videos that cover every aspect of window treatment design, selection and installation.
“This is just something we can do to help the growing crowd of DIY homeowners out there. We want them to know that they can do this, it just takes a little support from a pro to get started. If this simple giveaway can help a few homeowners create window dressings they are proud to show off to friends and family, it will be well worth the effort.
To learn more about the giveaway see the Youtube Video for complete details.
About Galaxy-Design:
For over 30 years Galaxy Design has been providing exquisite and unique custom window treatments for some of the most beautiful homes in the world. Clients such as Ryan Seacrest, Tatum O’Neal and members of Earth Wind and Fire have been delighted by the luxurious custom window dressings provided by Galaxy-Design and their policy of timely installation, friendly and knowledgeable customer service and lifetime guarantees. Through their award-winning 5 Step Exquisite Interior Design Process, Galaxy-Design is able to offer the highest standard in professionalism and customer experience.
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